Adventure Vacation on Galapagos Island

The number one adventure vacation in the world today is a Galapagos Island adventure, and rightly so.
What makes it so special that it takes the number one spot, outfacing all the competition?

The Galapagos Islands are each part of the whole, an archipelago that lies off the coast of Ecuador, which is comprised of 13 main islands and many many smaller ones.

Marine Iguanas on the beach on Galapagos

The eldest island of the chain is tought to have been formed from five to ten million years ago, and new islands are still being formed by volcano’s activity in the area.
The Galapagos are primitive, a little lost world unto themselves, which you’ll see for yourself with your adventure trip here.
Several species of birds, reptiles and animals exist here that cannot exist elsewhere in the known world.

Land Iguanas also populate Galapagos

Due primarily to the primitive nature, their isolation from the remainder of the world, there are many species of birds that have not been yet fully studied.
You an if you so desire, get “up close and personal, have an alien encounter of your own, wtih a giant Galapagos tortoise, weighing in at over 600 pounds. You’ll be the alien of course.

One of the few places to see the giant tortoise is Galapagos

There are large iguanas that resemble nothing so much as miniature dragons, sea lions, penguins, as well as the blue footed booby, countless numbers of finches and smaller birds and the large but flightless cormorant.

Generations Touring Company, who offeres tours of Galapagos which are geared toward family as well as adults, is assuredly not a dry as a bone wildlife or bird watching expedition.
The Galapagos LIzards are so unafraid of humanity that you can walk right up to them, and the marine iguanas are also quite tame.

A minor disagreement among some Galapagos residents

Included in your tour of this primitive paradise will be snorkeling, scuba diving if you like, with dolphins, sharks, whales, turtles and sea lions.
Where else will you find an experience like this.
Swim with the penguins and when you get out of the water, awe inspiring landscapes suc as te lava tube formed by the volcanoes that created these islands, hiking over scenery that will take your breath and leave you with remarkable memories of photographs.

Flamingo Lagoon on Galapagos

There is no one who would not be impressed by an island tour, but there are islands, and THEN.. there are islands
Check out Galapagos for your next vacation.

The Blue Footed Booby, one of Galapagos most famous residents



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