Alaska, Granite Tors Trail

Location: Chena Hot Springs Area
State: Alaska
Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall
Difficulty: Moderate
Activity: Hiking, Backpacking
Length: 15 miles

Trail Information:

The trail will traverse many types of surface and ground. In most areas, the wetlands, or boggy aspects have been cared for by the parks servic and will have boardwalks, while the rest of the trail has gravel or soil surface to up to the actual treeline.

The alpine meadows and alpine areas will have rocky surfaces.

The trail is well marked by rock cairns and mile post markers to help you stay to the trail. Wildlife being so prolific in the Alaska area, you will most likely be viewing it as you walk. As with any hike in this area, bear bells are not a bad idea.

Winter tim in Alaska can be harsh, but more than beautiful

This trail is a good day hike, being about a 15 mile loop trail. There is also, part way though the trail, anh emergency shelter that you may use in case of storm or problems , which makes it a nice area to take your first Alaska hike.

The local wildlife, a moose mom and son out for a stroll

The granite tors that are so numerous in this area are quite interesting to view and you will also find yourself with an excellent access to both them and a spectacular view of surrounding mountains and the scenery below.

The Alpine areas offer you up wildlife and wildflowers for your viewing and will make for some superb photographic opportunities so do make sure that you take a camera.

While this is not an extremely difficult hike, due to the elevation and the length, some amount of training and preparation is certainly in order.. It is a very full day, or perhaps even an overnight family hike.


Trailhead is at Mile 39.5 Chena Hot Spring Road, 46 miles north of Fairbanks.

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