Alaska, Power Creek/Crater Lake Trail

Location: Chugach National Forest
Seasons: Summer, Fall
Difficulty: Difficult
Activity: Hiking, Backpacking, Hunting, Fishing,
Length: 12.5 miles
Nearest Town: Cordova

Trail Information:

There are a lot of experiences in store for anyone who chooses to hike this trail. It allows for some wonderful hiking, incredible viewing, a challenging backpack day, as well as berry picking and fishing for those who want to give these activities a try.

There is a public use cabine about 5 miles into the hike. Power Creek Cabin is 4.2 miles from the end of Power Creek Road or if you feel energetic, a hike up the “Alice Smith Intertie” Trail to a ridge provides spectacular views of Orca Inlet and Eyak Lake and the surrounding delta.

The very scenic Crater Lake is set in a alpine bowl that has a diverse and interesting set of landscapes, plants and wildflowers.

Your descent back to Power Creek Road is set with numerous but well marked switchbacks.

A shelter has been constructed on the ridge line portion of Alice Smith which is usually available on a first-come, first served basis, but is always available to those with emergency needs such as exposure, hypothermia or storms.

Please ber in mind that the Crater Lake area is prone to very rapid weather changes and that you will most likely encounter wildlife along the way. Bear bells are advisable and please use adequate caution with any bear encounter.

The Crater Lake trail also provides access to a short but steep climb up Eyak Peak which does require some additional caution if you select to take this climb.


Power Creek Trailhead is 6.9 miles from Cordova on Power Creek Road (north of Eyak Lake). Crater Lake Trail is approximately 1.5 miles from Cordova. The Crater Lake trail joins up with a 5.5 mile ridge route that inter-connects the Power Creek and Crater Lake trails. The entire Loop from Crater Lake trailhead to Power Creek trailhead is 12.5 miles.

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