Alaska, Shuyak Island State Park Trails

Location: Shuyak Island State Park
State: Alaska
Seasons: All Year
Difficulty; Moderate.
Activity: Hiking, Kayaking
Length: Upland Trail 15 miles,
Kayak trail is Approximately 35 miles
(or a chartered boat trip of about the same)

NOTE: Because of the very remote nature of this area, it is not recommended for beginning or novice outdoors persons due to the unpredictable weather and animal encounters.

A stream in Shuyak Island, Alaska, wild and beautiful

Trail Information:

Unique and very remote and wild, even by Alaskan standards, Shuyak Island State Park is best explored through a combination of travel via both land and sea.

Hikers and kayakers will find plentiful ways and opportunities to view a wide variety of wildlife, including whales, sea otters, deer, brown bear and harbor seals.

The shorelines, capes, outer islands and inner bays also a wide variety of birdlife.

To the west visitors will see the spectacular Katmai coast, just 30 miles across the Shelikof Strait, while towards the interior of the Island, a peaceful, old-growth Sitka Spruce forest filters the sounds of the exposed outer coastline.

Shuyak Island, at only about 100 square miles, offers an incredible variety of moods, experiences and recreational opportunities.

The weather in this area is wild and often unpredictable, even by Alaskan standards so you will need to think ahead and make the right preparations for your trip and any hikes that you make.

Wildlife encounters will inevitably take place, so wearing bear bells, making sure that your food is in bear safe containers and not in the encampments will be necessary and take some planning.

For those who don’t want to take a chance on the weather and its constant changes there are four public use cabins managed by Alaska State Parks which can provide you a rather rustic but still safer and more civilized, alternative to camping out.


Visitors to Shuyak Island State Park generally arrive and depart via chartered floatplane from Kodiak or Homer. Shuyak Island is a 40-minute flight from Kodiak and about a 50-minute flight from Homer. Visitors can also access the island via water and there are a number of charter boats who could provide this service from Kodiak.

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