Arizona | Painted Desert Rim Trail

Painted Desert Rim Trail.
Length of Hike:
1 mile round trip.
Difficulty: easy to moderate
Trail Head: Tawa Point and Kachina Point, Arizona
Painted Desert View


The Painted Desert is best experienced while walking through it, to see the delicate plants and the strangeĀ  wildlife on foot. The trail ranges just about a mile long and is an easy walk, however given the heat may present some difficulty for smaller children or older adults.

The Painted Desert RimĀ  trail is unpaved, winding over woodlands around the rim of the Painted Desert.
There is a good chance of encounters with many species of animals and many types of plants on the trail.

Although the trail is short and does not have stairs of any kind, it is likely not suitable for strollers or wheel chairs even though it is primarily a safe trail.

The Painted Desert Rim trail is largely in the sun. Although it is not a long trail the area is.. well.. desert. You may want to make certain that you have the proper clothing and suitable head gear to keep the sun off and water to drink.

It is not paved, and the water bars as well as the dirt and sandy type surface may make it largely unsuitable for the use of strollers.

It is illegal to damage or take either plant or animal in the park. Practice leave no trace hiking and if you pack it in, pack it back out.

It is possible to see or interact with snakes on any trail in the desert. Desert rattlers are not uncommon and although they will attempt to stay out of your way, pay attention to where you’re walking and listen for them.

Even when hiking only a short distance its never a bad idea to have a small first aid kit with you on the walk.

Dogs are permitted in the park but must be leashed at all time and may not be off the developed trail.

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