Arizona, Petrified Forest, Painted Desert

One of the oldest and most colorful areas in the world is the Petrified Forest, which is also in close proximity to the Painted Desert, both of which are something that must be seen to be appreciated..

High concentrations of petrified woods, as well as the many colored bands of the badlands of the area, the Painted Desert, the multiple aspects of the history of the area, including the Native American history, the structures and the archeological digs in the area combine with the several million year old fossil displays to make this a multi hued, multi faceted area to visit that should be on everyones list of a spot they don’t want to miss.

The painted dessert and the petrified forest, for all that they may seem to be million year old dead areas, are teeming with life, from the reptiles to the explosions of color that the wildflowers present.

The scenery is breathtaking, the opportunities for out door activities are endless and the potential for the perfect vacation is absolute.

The outdoor activities that are available to you in the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest National Park include sightseeing, hiking, as well as photography, backpacking, and bird watching.
Yes, there are absolutely birds in the petrified forest area. The park also permits horseback riding within its confines, and has over 50 thousand acres of land for you to explore and enjoy.

Additionally there are multiple programs conducted by the rangers each year, many of them along hiking trails that are part of the park. Native American displays and culture shows, such as native dancing in many cases will take place, so check the Petrified forests web site to see when they are taking place if you’d like to take part.

You might be tempted to pick up and take a piece of the petrified wood while you are in the park, however, its best to bear in mind that taking any of the artifacts from the petrified forest or any other natural items is illegal and stiff fines as well as jail time might help you to decide that isn’t a good idea.
There are gift shops that do sell the petrified wood which was not taken from the federal lands, but rather from private areas outside of the park, who are permitted to sell it legally.

You may if you select to do so, camp in the wilderness area of the painted desert, however you must obtain a permit to do so.
The permit is free of charge, but must be applied for at least an hour prior to the parks closing, from the Painted desert visitor center.

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