Arizona, Sinkhole Trail

Sinkhole Trail

State: Arizona
Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest
One-Way: 0.5 miles
Trail Type:
Out and Back
Best Season:
Spring to Fall
Difficulty: Easy

North Rim, Arizona

Trail Information

The Sinkhole Trail, which begins at Loop B of Canyon Point Campground, provides the forest visitor with a unique experience. The trail leaves the developed setting of the campground quickly behind and traverses to the lip of a sinkhole and then descends steeply to the bottom. Upon entering the sinkhole, the environment changes dramatically. Thick with tall Ponderosa pine, aspen, Douglas and white firs, the sinkhole also harbors a variety of flowers and shrubbery.


Canyon Point Campground is located 17 miles southwest of Heber, Arizona along State Highway 260. Enter the campground and follow the signs to Loop B. Once on Loop B you’ll see signs for Sinkhole Trail

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