California | Death Valley, Wild Rose Trail

Trailhead: Wildrose Charcoal Kilns
Length: 4.2 miles one way
Elevation change: 2,200 feet
Time required:  6 hours round trip
Road access:
gravel to Charcoal Kilns

View from above Death Valley

In Death Valley, at the most northern area of the Panamint Mountains in the highest section of the area is an amazing trail, particularly good when Telescope Peak is impassible due to weather.

This is a good hike although is assuredly moderately difficult to difficult with the vast elevation change but it offers one of the most wonderful views of the Death Valley landscape below you, while offering up a nearly dramatic change in climate .
The trail will begin at the northern end of the charcoal kiln and climb upward steadily.

You will view tree stumps from trees that were cut over a hundred years in the past, weathered and beautiful actually.
There are some incredible ridges thick with forest and the trail will wind through them along the ridge of the forest. The last couple miles of the trail uses switchbacks up the peak, which will offer some increasingly amazing views of the landscape below.
Near the end, you will see very little to obscure your view aside from just a few stands of pine that dot the landscape.
The summit is rounded, and quite exposed, so it is a windy area, depending on the time of year of your climb.

There is no water available on the trail. Make sure that you carry water and smaller snacks with you. This area is a wildlife paradise  so watch for wildlife on the Wild Rose Trail. Bighorn Sheep as well as Mule Deer and Mountain lions may be in residence.

Cautions: Death Valley is in fact a desert, and contains desert creatures. Never put your hands or feet into any place that you can’t see first. Some areas will be shelters for black widow spiders, rattlesnakes or scorpions.

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