Colorado, Deer Creek Canyon

State: Colorado
Location: Denver
Length, Round Trip: 9.5 miles
Trail Type: Loop
Best Season: Spring to Fall
Difficulty: Easy
Usage: Heavy

Deer Coming in to Feed, Colorado

Trail Information

Deer Creek Canyon Park had its beginnings as a campground for wandering bands of Ute and Arapahoe. The 1,881 acre park was first homesteaded in 1872 by John Williamson. At that time, Deer Creek’s rolling hills and fertile fields attracted both farmers and miners. John Williamson’s famed Glen Plym Ranch, as well as the Couch and Clark Homesteads, all sat within the current park boundaries.

Like the other Jefferson Country Open Space Parks, Deer Creek Canyon Park has many well maintained trail options to choose from. All trails in the park have excellent signage. And there are park maps available at the trailhead. There are some hiker only trails, so please watch out for pedestrians.

Here are some of the trails in this area. You can make several different loops are out and backs out of the trails in the Deer Creek Canyon Park.

Plymouth Creek Trail: The trail starts at the trailhead parking area. It is 2.4 miles long with 1343 feet of climbing and 431 feet of descending. This is a multi-user trail, lush sections, rocky in spots and a steep climb west of Meadowlark junction

Plymouth Mountain Trail: The trail starts at a junction with the Plymouth Creek Trail. The trail is 2.2 miles with 884 feet of climbing and 733 feet of descending. This is a multi-user trail with scenic views to east. There is a steep side slope on north end.

Scenic View Trail: The trail starts at a junction with the Plymouth Mountain Trail. This short trail is only 0.4 miles with 165 of climbing and 24 feet of descending. This multi-user trail has a very steep section but offers beautiful 360 degree summit views.

Red Mesa Loop Trail: The starts at junction with the Plymouth Creek Trail. This trail is 2.5 miles with 851 of climbing and 841 feet of descending. This is a multi-user trail with open views of the canyon.

There are some smooth fast singletrack sections that will keep you grinning all week long, but you have to climb up to them, making the ride all the more enjoyable.
From Interstate 70:
Take C-470 east to the Kipling Exit. Exit southbound to South Deer Creek Canyon Road. Turn west and continue to Grizzly Drive where you’ll continue south for approximately 1/4 mile to the parking lot.

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