Colorado, Silver Dollar Lake Trail

Location: Near Denver
Setting: Mountainous
Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: 3 mile roundtrip
Elevation Change: 1,000 feet
Trailhead Elevation: 11,200 feet

Trail Information:

This is not a long hike, yet the air, being thinner at a higher altitude may cause you to take longer if you are unaccustomed to it.

There is occasional steepness on the trail that will make the hike challenging but the view makes it more than worthwhile to do the hike. The trail will lead to two small lakes that are well above the treeline. The first lake, Naylor Lake, is privately owned and you are not permitted to trespass on the property. Please respect the owners wishes, and look but don’t wander onto the property.

Naylor Lake, which is private property is the first of the two lakes

The second lake is actually Silver Dollar Lake and is public property, available for your use.
The trail takes you well above the trees and photography opportunities for below as well as views of wildlife are more than worth the time in making the hike.


West of Denver on Interstate 70 near Georgetown. Just south of Guanella Pass Campground and north of the Guanella Pass, a wide spot in the road can be found. You may park here or travel another 1/4 mile up a 4-wheel drive road where there is another parking area. Here, the trailhead starts.

Silver Dollar Lake, the end of the trail is open to public and fishing

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