Colorado, The High Dune

State: Colorado
Location: Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve
Length, One-Way: 1 miles
Trail Type: Out and Back
Elevation Change: 650 feet
Best Season: Year-Round
Difficulty: Moderate

Trail Information

The “High Dune” is not the tallest in the dunefield – it is about 650 feet from base to top – but it is one of the highest dunes above sea level in the dunefield. Since the High Dune is the most accessible of the big dunes, the hike to the top is a popular endeavor. The soft sand and steep slopes make hiking the High Dune more strenuous that you’d expect. From the base, zigzag up the dune ridge lines.

You should hike before noon in summer to avoid extremely hot sand and sun. You’ll gain terrific views of the dune field, the surrounding mountains and the San Luis Valley from the top.


The trailhead is located at the Dunes Parking Lot.

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