Hiking Arizona | The Petrified Forest

One of the best ways for anyone to experience the lovely scenery that is the Petrified Forests of Arizona is to see the park on foot, hiking it.
While it sounds difficult, and can be challenging, there are areas of the Petrified Forest that are suitable even for those who have some physical challenges to face.

Currently none of the trails completely meet ADA requirements for the disabled but with some help, many of them are accessible or at least part way accessible so that the park can be enjoyed by those who have physical disabilities.

The Arizona Petrified Forest Painted Desert Rim Trail is about a one mile round trip, with the trailhead resting at Kachina point. The trail is unpaved, and will wind around a woodland, which offers you a chance to see some of the most amazing types of animals and plants in the desert. Just fyi, do please try to stay on the trails, as going off them harms some of the more delicate fo the plants, and while yo’ure in the park, try to be sure that you follow the leave no trace type hiking.
Although this trail does not have stairs as part of it,
the waterbars and dirt surface could make it difficult in parts to navigate the trail with a stroller or a wheelchair.

Puerco Pueblo trail is a .3 mile loop that begins in the Puerco Pueblo parking area. Here you can wander among the ruins and remains of a Pueblo people who existed about 750 years in the past, and view the amazing remnants of their civilization, the petroglyphs that are still part of the area. While viwing them, please don’t do harm to the boulders, or touch the petroglyphs. The trail is paved, has no stairs and can be used for either stroller or wheelchair4 if you have minimal assistance in doing so.
It can be used by the disabled with one person assistance.

The Petrified Forest, Painted Desert area in Arizona is among the most breath taking of sights, the views and things to see and do while you are here will amaze you, and the history that is part and parcel of the area will leave you spell struck. Take the time to see the Painted Desert of Arizona and hike even a small portion of it the next time you’re in the area.

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