Hiking the Red Rock Canyon in January

 The Red Rock Canyon, near Las Vegas is one of the few places in the world where you can enjoy an outstanding hiking experience within just a few miles of one of the most entertaining cities on earth.

This past week the Red Rock was the scene of some wonderful weather. At least for us, it was wonderful weather. The scene was a winter wonderland. A few hiking trails were closed, but most remained open, making the trail an amazing sight that offered a glimpse of a northern lifestyle.

Trekking across some of the pathways, the mountains in the distance covered in snow were breathtaking in their beauty. Snowball fights and hiking generally don’t go hand in hand, but they did.

Red Rock, for those of you who don’t know is  a veritable outdoor playground just a few miles from Vegas so you can hike the day away and go home to a luxury hotel for the evening.

Red Rock Canyon is nestled in the mountains and hills, and is also part of the Mohave Desert.. It has a wide array of things to see and do, among them hiking, as well as photography opportunities. The wildlife is amazing.

Seeing  the many different larger animals as well as  the smaller desert animals is one of the best parts of the Mojave. The array of things that Red Rock offers is incredible.

While you’re there, you can shop, buying some of the native jewelry and other items, as well as visit the many different centers that the Canyon offers you. In the right season the wildflowers are well worth photographing along with the different kinds of plant life that the Mojave has to offer you. It isn’t an overly difficult hike for anyone. There are multiple trails to use and the Canyone offers you a fairly good glmpse of the world around you from a driving route as well.

Last year the Canyon offered a Photographic contest that you might also be interested in.

Hiking the Red Rock is a treat in and of itself, but the many other things to see and do there make it a full days adventure not far from the city lights. Take advantage of this wonder of nature and pay a call on the Red Rock Canyon the next time your travels take you to Las Vegas Nevada.

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