Maine, Kennebec River Rail Trail

Kennebec River, from Augusta to Gardinier
State: Maine
Length: 6.5 miles
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Surface: Natural
Trail Type: Skiing, Hiking, bicycling

The Kennebec River Rail Trail, opened just last year in 2007

Trail Information:

The Kennebec River Rail trail is a public path that parallels the railway bed that followed the Kennebec River from ASugusta through Hallowell and Farmingdale, ending in Gardiner.
The trail offers an opportunity for hiking, biking and cross country skiing and could easily be used for snowshoeing as well.

The panoramic views for the Kennebec River as well as the historic sites that are seen en route make the trip well worth your time to take.
The autumn leaves from this vantage point make it a prerequisite to bring along a camera to snape photos of the scenery and wildlife along the way.


From Interstate 95 – Take Exit 30B. Veer right off the highway and head east on 202. Follow 202 to the rotary traffic circle and exit south onto 201. Take a left at the second set of lights and then a right at the parking lot. You are at the Augusta trail head .

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