Nebraska, Fort Kearney State Recreation Trail

Location:Fort Kearney State Recreation area.
State: Nebraska
Length:8.8 miles
Trail Surface: natural ground
Trail Type:
Hiking/backpacking,biking,cross country skiing
Difficulty: Easy
Nebraska has long been known for its historic trails, which carried early explorers, adventurers and pioneers.

Nebraska is now celebrated for its many recreational trails that serve modern adventurers. Hikers, bikers, horse riders, cross-country skiers and canoeists can all select trails.

Not far from the historic Oregon Trail, the Fort Kearny State Recreation Trail is a magnet for annual sandhill crane viewers. The views of the Platte River based birds are available everywhere and the opportunities to view and photograph are seemingly endless.

Fort Kearney Nebraska, part of the scenic and eductaional opportunities in Nebraska

This scenic 8.8-mile hiker/biker trail crosses two channels of the Platte River.

One bridge, more than 962 feet long, offers awesome views of the river and great bird watching opportunities. Sunset on the Platte River is an incredible vision and this particular trail, with its two crossings also offers some great flat areas that are suitable for tripods and photo snapping, as well as having some super places for picnicing.

Open to bicycling as well as hiking, there are minimal impediments to an easy ride, with gentle sloping rises and hills.

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