Pennsylvania, Allegheny Front Trail

State: Pennsylvania
Location: Black Moshannon State Park
Length: 40 miles
Trail type: dirt tracks/natural/paved
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Trail Information

The Allegheny Front Trail (or AFT) is a relatively new Pennsylvania hiking trail that encircles Black Moshannon State Park.

While currently being plotted using GPS equipment, the estimated length of the trail is currently 40 miles.

A panorama of the Allegheny Front Trail in Pennsylania

Under construction since late 1995, the AFT traverses some rocky, rugged portions of the Allegheny Plateau, passes along five different mountain trout streams and the Moshannon Creek, and includes 11 vistas along its circuit.

A 7-mile cross-connector passes through the park, while most of the orange-blazed trail is outside the park’s boundaries. The northeastern portion intersects with several blue-blaze cross-country ski trails.

If 40 miles isn’t something you can manage, there are many smaller hikes possible, utilizing many of the side trails and forest roads. The terrain, though challenging in places, lends itself to novice hikers and this trail is a great way for those new to backpacking to get their feet wet.


A map of the AFT and trailheads is available here
Allegheny Trail Map

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