Exploring The Valley of the Nile, Egypt

Consistently among the top sites in the world for travel, Egypt is a country of remarkable past, and incredible present.
It plays not only a major role in the historical aspects of the region but also one in the present day.

Offering so much more than history, the traveler to Egypt will find a vast array of outside adventures waiting for their eager visit, including the azure blue Mediterranean coastline, which will provide you with swimming, diving and snorkeling as well as Red Sea Resorts, world famous oases and many hundreds of miles of wildlife viewing and ancient monuments along the Nile River Valley.

The Great ship of the desert, the camel

Prepare yourself for a fantastic adventure as you traverse the Nile River Valley, and watch wildlife seen literally no where else in the world.
This is no place to be without a camera.
The Nile River Crocodile, now making a comeback near Aswan, is a truly gigantic animal gone from the Nile for many years until recently.

The Nile River crocodile

The strange camel, able to sustain himself for several days without a drink, holding his water in his bloodstream, and gliding across the sands with a unique rocking gait as he goes.
Of the 35 kinds of wildcats in the world, Egypt is home to five or six of them, including the Swamp Cat, the Sand Cat, the Caracal, the Leopard and the Cheetah.

The Nile River Valley

Views of Lake Nassar will show you a broad assortment of birds, mammals and the reptiles such as the Cobra for which Egypt is famous.
Egyptian geese, pelicans, herons, egrets, wild ducks, hawks, kites, eagles and falcons will be among the flying aspects of Egypt, while below your feet are strange little reptiles, the monitor lizard.
In addition to these you may see a Gazelle, a golden jackal or a desert fox on your travels.
YOu would be best served to begin your trek in Cairo, where the state Egyptian Museum will offer up a glimpse of literally a hundred thousand ancient artifacts and help you to brush up on your knowledge of Egypts history,before beginning to move to your outdoor destinations, which will make your visit even more pleasurable.

The Pyriamid, Sphinx in the foreground

Not far from Cairo, as the camel hikes, are the awe inspiring pyramids at Giza, and the Sphinx, carved from a single slab of stone, more than four thousand years in the past, which you will have the opportunity to view from horseback if you take advantage of one of the horse, or even camel trips that will take you to beyond the press of the crowds.
Just south, you’re going to view the towns of the temples, a whole chain of them in fact as you pass through the valley of the kings, home to Tutahkhamen’s tomb, but more impressive even than this, a hike through will show you the Ramesses dynasty tombs, home of the warrior, or general kings.

The amazing Snake charmers

Nearby are the breathtaking Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx, cut from a single slab of stone over 4,000 years ago, which can be viewed more peacefully beyond the crowds from horseback. South of Cairo, Upper Egypt offers a string of exciting temple towns between legendary Luxor and Aswan, including the Valley of the Kings. Although King Tutankhamen’s Tomb rests here, it is not nearly as impressive as the surrounding royal tombs, particularly the general-kings of the Ramesses Dynasties.

Egpyt, which is not as well known as it should be, is also a resort area of magnificent blue coastal waters, where the Red Sea coast meets the land on a stretch of over 500 miles of beach.

the Egyptian Jackal

The small coastal town of Harghada, where numerous shipwrecks have taken place, will give you some wonderful opportunities to explore old vessels, and to swim into sea caves with exotic fishes.
Scuba and snorkeling are quite popular here, and the intimate atmosphere of the small local town has not been disturbed by the visit of the tourists to its waters.
There are also numerous islands to visit and get a taste of local flavor as you paddle your way into another small town atmosphere.
Paddle boats or ferries can be rented to take you away from the other folks and back into time for a little while.

Egypt, with its wonderful outdoors climate, the moderate weather, in both summer and winter, the ancient mystique and the modern flair, is a wonderful place to visit the international great outdoors.
It is as monumental as the pyramids which it hosts.

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