Outdoor Scotland Adventures

Just the name brings to mind wild highlands and ancient castles, Robert the Bruce and ghosts of an ancient culture, but did you know there was so much more to Scotland than all of these things?
Although you would be remiss in not hiking the lands and taking in some of the ancient castles, those in ruins and those still standing, there is more to Scotland than this.

Eilean Donan Castle of Scotland

Scotland is, in reality, a country of truly ancient origins that border England on one side, while also being bordered by the North Channel and the Irish Sea to the South, to the east, the North Sea and to the North and west, the Atlantic Ocean.
It’s not surprising then that a good part of Scotlands heritage, and activities have something to do with wildlife, outdoors and the sea.

The area of Scotland is estimated at 80 234 square kilometres (30 978 square miles), about a third smaller than the state of Pennsylvania in the United states,(46000 square miles) with much the same climate and environment.
Green as far as the eye can see, hilly and wild.

A Map of the Regions of Scotland

Although Scotland did, despite great protest, join with England in the 1700’s to form a union, its legal system as well as its education, and churches, have continued to remain separate, which contributes to the retention of its wonderful culture and national identity.
If the outside is what you want to do when you’re on holiday or vacation, then Scotland is a place you’re going to want to see.
The Highlands, home of the deepest lochs and the most incredible beaches are on eof the last great wildernesses in Europe where getting off the beaten track is normal day to day living.

One of the many small islands in Scotland, popular for fishing

Each area of Scotland has something remarkable to recommend it, and the highland areas are no exception.
Fishing is a superb way to experience the grandeur that is Scotland.
Just a few minutes stroll from a road you can find waters that are quite secluded from the rest of the world, where you might see wildlife that is incomparable elsewhere in the world, including red deer, pine marten, otter, eagle and osprey.
Combined with the wonderful fishing here, you’re going to be hooked on Scotland for life.

Sailing in Scotland is a popular sport

Loch Ness also has some wonderful activities. There is far more to do here than to join the hunt for the fabled Nessie.
Canoeing the famous Loch, walking or running the district or watching the dolphins playin the Moray Firth there is something for even the more ardent outdoor enthusiast.

The Outer Hebrides, the Western Isles of Scotland aside from the obvious ruins and castles that one might visit, will offer you myriad other outdoor activities set in a particularly unspoiled landscape.
“The scenery is breathtaking, and the activities that you might take part in include rock climbing, hill walking and cycling to world-class diving and sea-kayaking, boat trips and some excellent sea and freshwater fishing. Nature lovers will be delighted by the wildlife they can see here, including puffins, wildcats and many other things such as otters.

If hiking is your thing, you have scenery like this to look forward to

In Scotlands Heartlands, that region that goes from the town of Stirly, to the Isle of Tiree is an area that will provide vast contrasts in land and see, including the famous Loch Lomond and the Trossachs.
This area will give you the chance to take part in some thrilling off road biking and cycling, trail riding with horses, and a vast array of water sports as well which are within a couple hours of the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Moving somewhat inland, the slopes of the Cairngorms are famous for its hiking, with areas such as Lochnagar at the top of the list for many climbers.
This is where you will also get the chance to see the residence at Balmoral as well as some of the worlds best fishing along with the worlds best whiskey makers.
What a combination that is.

Shetland district, with over 100 islands and 1450 km of coastline surrounded by crystal clear waters, is a paradise for those who like bird or wildlife photography, and diving or snorkeling, with hundreds of shipwrecks scattered across these islands the underwater enthusiast will find that there is always something worth diving for.

Melrose Abbey

What is Scotland?
Well its castles, and history and challenging golfing, world class skiiing and sailing, fishing, archery, shooting, hunting and horse riding as well as 4×4 trails and all of it within a days drive.
Within reach of each other.
WIth over 100 islands and 1400 kilometers of coast, which is surrounded by clean crystalline waters, you’re going to find yourself outside far more than inside.

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