Trekking Mt Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak in Africa, is among the most wonderful places to hike on earth. With an amazing height of more than 19000 feet, Kilimanjaro is challenging at best, but is do-able by nearly anyone if they are in reasonable physical shape and willing to take the time and money to attempt it.

When you hike Mt Kilimanjaro, you will, simply by virtue of the many different altitudes, enjoy hiking through five different climates.

Hiking Mt Kilimanjaro is only possible using the established trails and the established guide services. You aren’t permitted to attempt it on your own and with very good reason. There are multiple guide services there to assist you. Selecting one carefully is of course imperative, since some won’t have the experience that others do and somie will quite honestly not be equipped to handle emergencies that can crop up in any endeavor of this magnitude.

Don’t hire the cheapest guide service and make sure that you get a porter as part of your arrangement. Having a porter to carry part of your pack means that you can pack a bit more fully and make sure you have what you need. Your porter will generally carry 25 to 30 pounds of gear for you, which will free you up to carry other things that you want to bring along with you.

There are multiple ways to climb the mountain. Some of the more popular routes are still going to be hard to deal with if you’re not ready for the climb. The climb takes about six or seven days, The easier route is the Marangu, and you will be put up in huts along the way. The route is fairly busy, since the huts exist for use and many travelers would prefer that to a camping holiday, which is what needs done on the Rongai, which is also an easier climbing route.

Simply because the trek isn’t so steep or so terribly difficult, people tend to feel that it’s not a challege or not dangerous. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. Due the the amazing altitudes that you’re going to travel through, many people aren’t ready for the climb and sometimes have to abandon it due to altitude sickness or other considrations.

Nearly all climbers will get some type of discomfort from the altitude that they achieve so being prepared and ready for it only makes good sense. Make sure that if you are considering climbing Mt Kilimanjaro that you’re prepared for the trip.

If you aren’t fully fit, make sure that you spend some time hiking in higher altitudes and get fit enough to make the climb. Don’t assume that because its not steep you’re not going to have difficulties. Shortness of breath, vertigo and other types of altitude sickness. Make sure that you train well, and are ready for the rigors of the climb and don’t discount what it will cost you physicallly to accomplish it.
Get a good guide service and check them out thoroughly. If you are prepared for the trip and know what it will take to accomplish you can be one of those who ascends to the summit and stands gazing down at the impressive and awe inspiring view of the plains below.

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