Wildlife Viewing in Arizona

When we envision wildlife watching, we often think that we’ve got to go to some of the biggest and best national parks, such as Yellowstone, or something along those lines. Those parks are of course a great place to view wildlife, but the reality is that you can essentially see wildlife anywhere at all.

North western Arizona is a premiere place to view wildlife simply because of the multiple types of climate and geography there.

The wildlife in Arizona, unbeknownst to many people, is more diverse than nearly anywhere else in the United states, with animals ranging from wild burros all the way to black bears, depending of course on what you might want to see.

Knowing a bit about what to view in what area will give you a hand in finding the right place to go to view it, but Arizona is, despite its reputation as a dry and lifeless place, literally teeming with wildlife of all kinds.

You might, on any given day, see a mountain lion, a mule deer or a black bear, and along the rivers, the variety is just about endless.

As with any other hobby, there are techniques that will serve you well when it comes to wildlife viewing. You know for instance that many types of wildlife will have a far more acute sense of smell and sight than we do, so its quite likely that they will see you before you see them unless you follow a few simple guidelines.

**Don’t wear perfumes or lotions when you set out to view wildlife

**Wear more natural colors which are geared toward the environment you will be viewing wildlife in.

**Make sure that your clothing is more natural and more quiet in nature, things such as nylon or windbreaker gear is going to rustle and make a good bit of noise as you enter the viewing area.

** Move slowly through the area, and make stops here and there to simply wait and watch.

** Make sure that you use the land or the rocks etc as some natural cover for you when you are viewing wildlife.

**When you must speak, speak very softly and only when necessary.

**NEVER attemtpt to approach the animals closely, or to feed them, particularly the predatory ones. You may find yourself in a situation that is a bit to close for comfort.

To learn a bit more about viewing wildlife in Arizona, pay a visit to the wildlife viewing pages and take stock of what there is to see and do there.

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