Camping Out and Outdoor Fun

School is out and the main question on families’ minds is where will we go to enjoy the outdoors this summer? Some choose the national parks, which have reduced rates this year or in certain cases free admission.

Others prefer the state parks to camp for a week or even a long weekend. There is a need for people to escape the normal everyday grind to feel the wind in their face and smell the rain on pine needles.

But enjoying the outdoors takes a bit of planning, one does not just jump in the car and drive. If you are camping, there are things to be considered such as where to stay, what to eat and activities to do. If you are cooking over a campfire or gas stove, keep the meals simple and easy to make. A first aid kit is one of the most essential items you will need in case of injury.
Make a list of what you need to take with you, compare it to one that various camping equipment sites have online in case there is something you have overlooked.  Layer clothing, it allows you to adjust to the weather changes as needed. Extra socks and a tee shirt or two are handy also.

Camping gear can be as simple or complicated as you wish. Some families are happy with a camper trailer and others only require what can be carried on their back for sleeping and shelter. Before you go camping research the place you are going and take maps of the area.

Tell members of your family who are not going where you are going and when you plan on returning in case of an unexpected delay. This will help if there is a need to find you if an emergency should arise.

Many people are camping at places within a fairly short distance from their homes due to the economic deprivations on income.  One place to check for ideas on where to camp is your state website; it has national and state park information as well. It may take a time to plan out an outdoor camping adventure, but it will be remembered for years after by family members.

Activities can include the usual fishing, swimming, hiking and also such sports events as mountain biking, rafting and orienteering; what you choose will depend on where you go and what your family is interested in. Have fun camping and let the breeze blow in your face while you are enjoying the outdoors.

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