Bass | Walley Fishing in Manitoba

Situated near the very remote aspect of the Northern boundaries of Manitoba Canada is the Whiteshell Forest.
Nestled beautifully in the pristine forests of spruce, pine and birch is the Winnipeg River, where you can find some of the very best fishing in the world today.

Remote and untamed, accessed primarily by boat or plane, there are also several lakes, among them, Big Echo Lake and Crowduck Lake, both of which offer prime walleye and Bass fishing.
Walleye range between 8 and 10 pounds, with the bass weighing in at about 3-5 pounds each.
Thats a lot of fish for your fry pan folks.

Winnipeg river, getting fed by the Lake of the Woods, then flows northerly through Ontario and into Manitoba, also feeding lake Winnipeg, as well as many other smaller lakes, all of which can offer you some of the most incredible fishing experiences you’ve ever taken part in.
Walleye, Bass, Muskie, Pike and even trout are going to be on your menu when this trip is over.
There isn’t a doubt that you’re going to enjoy the trip and that you’re coming home with some trophy sized fish from Manitoba.
Among the other things you might find to do while you fishing Manitoba are wildlife viewing, camping, white water rafting and scenic or wildlife photography, so on the days when you don’t want to brave the water, you’ve got a dozen other things to occupy your time, but chance are that fishing is going to keep your agenda filled, particularly when you’re pulling in the big ones like the fish you will see here.

One of the most complete sites to help you plan your vacation to Canada that we’ve found so far is the
Waders On site, which gives you lodgings, prices and places, if you take a walk through it.
If you’re hungry for a really great fishing experience, chances are that you’re going to want to return to Canada again and again.
Your first visit to Manitoba isn’t going to be your last.

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