Canoeing | Fishing | Whale Watching, in Petersburg Alaska

Canoing, Fishing and Whale Watching, Petersburg Alaska.

In the southeastern part of Alaska likes the town of Petersburg.
Located in the heart of what is called Alaska’s inside passage, on the very tip of Mitkof Island, Petersburg is known as Little Norway.

It is surrounded completely by wilderness, and by virtue of its isolation is a last frontier of sorts, though it is a full service Alaskan community.

It is in fact the perfect solution for those who are seeking an out of the way adventure site, without the vast amounts of tourists or the larger of the cruise ships that will take away from the wilderness atmosphere they are seeking.
Although the isolation of Petersburg precludes the cruise ships, leaving the town unspoiled, literally hundreds of commercial fishing crews leave these docks to troll the waters here, in what is an archipelago of enormous size, and return iwth salmon, halibut and Dunteness crab by the thousands.

Salmon is the king of the town here, and the town pays it homage by holding a Fourth of July parade each year that features Santa claus being pulled in his sled by a team of 8 shiny.. salmon.. even to the final touch, a red nosed Coho that leads the team.

The people of the town are friendly and willing to talk and to anyone and everyone who comes their way, pleased to share tidbits about their lives, their boats or just about anything else while they share the fishing from the dock.

Visitors to Petersburg won’t enjoy just one outdoor activity, but a plethora of them, with wildlife viewing that can include a trip out to watch the whales, Brown Bears, Black Bears, American Eagles, as well as moose, deer, mountain goats, and literally hundreds of water and shore birds.
You might enjoy spending some time on one of the many guided kayak or canoe trips, or combing the endless beaches for treasure such as rare shells.
You certainly shouldn’t miss the chance to go salmon fishing, or to take one of the many hiking trails to view the area, or even, if you’re feeling adventurous, try your hand at some wildlife photography.

“Catching an Alaska King Salmon is a dream of most salmon fishing enthusiasts. Petersburg Alaska’s Blind Slough River (“the rapids”) is located just 15 miles from downtown Petersburg and provides a unique opportunity to stream fish for king salmon just 0.25-mile from a paved road. This is the perfect location for those trying to catch a winter’s supply of Alaska king salmon for the smoker or keeping a few “brights” to barbecue with friends.”(petersburgalaska.com)

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