Dressing for Ice Fishing

Winter fishing means, getting outside in the winter time, however it also means that you’re going to reel in some of the bigger fish, without the added distractions of a river or creek lined with other fishermen vying for that attention of the big boys.Ice fishing commands the attention of the hardier of the sporting breed… those who don’t mind over dressing a bit to get out and get the big guys, but surprisingly enough, about a quarter of the fish that are taken yearly by sportsmen and women are taken in the winter months, when the weather is just a bit on the harsh side in some parts of the US..

What’s necessary for ice fishing, aside from an adventurous spirit, is some suitable winter clothing, a sled, or something to drag your gear with you, a bit of unique fishing  and a fishing license.

Likely you’re going to also need some warm drink along with you,but the rewards for your hardy trip will be decent sized fish, some time alone along the water and a trip that is absolutely bug free.

Keeping Warm–
Selecting your clothing for ice fishing, is much the same as for any other winter sport. Choose clothing that will keep the heat in, and dress in layers, so that you can peel or replace them as need be to keep yourslf warm.
Wear a wicking layer close to the body, and we do mean all of the body. Shirt, pants and sox.
Next add a layer for heat, which means wool or something along these lines which will keep you warm. Fleece or polartech is also a great layer for the second layer.
Don’t neglect your face. You may want to choose a face mask or a long scarf or neck warmer, as its smart not to leave too much skin exposed.

One of the best overall covers is what used to be called the snowmobile suit. A one piece thinsulate or insulated coverall type apparel is perfect for ice fishing or any other winter sport.

A goose down layer is a very positive thing. They offer a layer of wind breakage and will offer you some serious warmth.
No matter what you wear as your heat, or warmth layer, make sure that you top it off with a wind breaking layer, such as a windbreaker type material to keep the wind from cutting into the heat that your warm layer offers.
Particularly in the midwest, the winds can cut right through you, sucking away the heat that your down offers.

Make sure before you head out on the ice, that you’re adequately and appropriately dressed to enjoy the winter weather and the hours of ice fishing, rather than becoming cold, or worse, taking a frostbite or chill, which will most definitely dampen the experience for you.
Grab some appropriate clothing and get out there and snag one of the big ones.
Winter fishing has its advantages, not the least of which is the bug free zone.

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