Fishing Alaska

From the Southern tip of Alaska to the most famous fishing spot in the world, the Kenai River, and well into the interior of Alaska, you’re going to find some of the best fishing in the world here.

You can drag a monster king salmon or a might halibut to shore, or fish for rainbow trout in a remote Alaska creek.

The choices and options in Alaska fishing are endless.
You can charter a boat, use a jet boat to head up river, or take a bush plant to an area that has a far away little used lake or stream, and find a guide to take you to any one of those places if you so desire.

Fly Fishing in AlaskaOne prime spot is the Kenai Peninsula, where Seward will offer you some of the very best in Halibut and salmon fishing that is available in the world.

Several times a day fishing charters will take off from this small harbor and take you on a full day adventure, usually with all of your gear included except your fishing license, which you will need to arrange yourself.

Usually its a good idea to make a reservation well in advance, particularly in late summer months when the demand is so huge for fishing this beautiful area, but the extra preparation time is absolutely going to be worth your while.

Have you ever seen a giant pacific halibut. They can actually be as big as a door, weighing in at over 300 pounds. These waters, rich in nutrients make this area the most productive in the world for the fishes growth, and for your fishing experience.

These kinds of fish are going to give you the fight of your life along with being the most light tasty white meat you’re ever going to experience.

The opportunity exists in nearly every part of Alaska to have your fish packaged and shipped home for you too so that you can share your experience, at least in part, with those who weren’t lucky enough to have come with you.

The Kenai Peninsula is also the home of the salmon fishing derby, in fact the largest derby in the world, and prizes are worth many thousands of dollars each year.

In August you’ll find the derby taking place, and if you’re very lucky, you’re going to catch a silver that will weight from ten to fifteen pounds nearly any time you attempt it.

Fishing in Alaska June brings in Alaska Kings, that will net you an easy hundred pounds of fish if you choose to fish this type.

Alaska jet boat fishing excursions are among the most sought after and the most breathtaking, with you making your way up a river, watching along the way for the bear, moose, eagle, beaver and hundreds of other types of wildlife as you fish the area and bring home a creel full of trout for your trouble.

Alaska fishing, from beginning to end, is going to leave you breathless with fight, with anticipation and be your newest addiction.

I guarantee you’re going to go back again and again.

For information on licensure, on boats and guides, pay a visit to the Alaska Travel site and find links to make arrangements for your visit.

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