Fishing Off the Coast of Gibraltar

One of the places I’d never heard mentioned when fishing was referred to comes as a big surprise to me but one that I think I’d consider now that I’ve done a bit of study into the area. The climate is warm the insects are minimal and the fishing is amazing from all that I’ve seen, so perhaps its time to take a trip to Gibraltar.

Because of the unique placement of Gibraltar, its fishing is about the best in Europe and offers you the chance to grab game fish of all shapes, sizes and varieties during various times of the year.

Having done some work for one of the various sites that advertise holidays and vacations in Gibraltar, I had the occasion to do a little research into sport fishing here.

Each month of the year offers a different type of big game fishing the the serious angler, or even to the hobby fisherman who’d like to take a bigger fish. Fishing Gibraltar is a dream come true for the fisherman, with the weather warm, insects few and the vast array of different kinds of fish.

In addition to that, the fact that its often over looked when it comes to planning a fishing trip makes it that much more interesting since you won’t be fighting a crowded shoreline or pushing your way to the fore to get a decent place to fish on a boat. If you’re seeking out an untapped treasure trove of fish, Gibraltar is going to be the place for you to check out.

One area, a breakwater that is found on the north side of the harber near the border of Spain will yield up water about thirty feet deep, though in some areas it goes to depths of 100 feet, and holds one of the most exciting and amazing variety of fish you’re going to find anywhere in the world.
Add to that the mild climate and the beautiful sunshine and you won’t lack for fish or a beautiful day outdoors.

So what can you take in here? Depends, of course on the time of year that you select to go, but you’re going to have, based on that time span, the opportunity to gather up bass, conger eel, moray eel, mackerel, garfish, as well as some of the bigger, more infamous fish for the fight, such as blue fin tuna.

Gibraltar gives the opportunity at nearly any street corner to hire a fishing boat or charter boat, and if you’re interested in shore fishing, some of the greatest fishing in Europe is also available from the shore as well.
If you’re up for a great day of fishing, then do take the time, when you’re in Gibraltar, to visit the area, and beneath the lighthouse, Sandy Bay or the Mole and enjoy the best day of fishing you’ve ever had.

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