Fishing Tournaments

Fishing is a great deal of fun and relaxation, simply to take part in it gives a sense of well being, but when pitted against others in the same field, can also afford excitement and challenge as well.
In the US, there are various tournaments and derbys that are open not only to the professional fisherman, but to the amateur or novice as well .

Not much can take away from the pleasure of freshwater fishing

Fishing for bass or trout has added incentive when the fish go into live wells to be weighed and measured against the catch of other anglers, and ultimately may add, not just to the table fare, but to your trophy case too.

Imagine the pleasure a smaller child would take in spending his time fishing and taking home a trophy to remember it by. In addition, many of these offer prize monies that are well into the thousands of dollars and make fishing not only challenging but lucrative as well.
There are tournaments and derby’s designed specifically for the amateur, and others, age limited, put on strictly for children and young adults to test their skills.

In some cases special equipment or costly boat rentals isn’t even a necessity. There are tournaments for salt water fishing, for dock fishing, for pond fishing, for deep sea or fresh water.. In fact there really is, so far as fishing tournaments go, something for everyone.
In the months of May and June alone I was able to find a fishing tournament in states that ranged from Florida to Nebraska to North Dakota and Oregon, in multiple categories for amateur, professional and children.

 Saltwater fishing tournaments generally cost a bit more to indulge in

Check out the tournaments of all varieties that are taking place in the US this summer and maybe you can fit one into your vacation, or plan a special trip around it. The spirit of competition is alive and well in the fishing world.

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