Florida Grouper Fishing

The gulf coast off Florida might offer some of the very best fishing that exists. Most of the time you’re going to find calm waters, the gear you will need is so simple and straightforward that the day is mainly just relaxation. Granted the last few seasons have been rife with hurricanes, but I’m talking about a normal season.

Grouper are one of the easier fish to get hold of, they aren’t all that particular about what they snack on and you don’t have to pay a mint for gearing up to catch them.

Grouper Fishing in FloridaGrouper are going to take a fairly sturdy rod, about a forty pound test and a 100 pound shock leader, an 8/0 hook and a live bait and you will most likely have a successful and productive day.

For bait, one of the best things around, (although some people swear by the artificial variety) are the little junk fish that you will catch using your smaller rigging’s.

Perch, lizard fish and a few other things will work well. To tell the truth, grouper just aren’t all that picky when it comes to snapping up a live bait. Of course like anything else they do have their particular favorites but anything mentioned above is going to work.

Another thing that will work well for you is a decent piece of squid, because its sturdy and hangs in there on the hook.

Start out in about forty five feet waters and start checking the area for bait. Hang in there til you have a couple dozen decent baitfish in your livewell and then head out to about the hundred foot water mark and drop it in.

Your best bet in rigging is going to be a heavy snap swivel, tied right onto the main line and make a 3 to 4 foot leader of 100 pound mono. with an 8/0 hook on the other end.

Get enough lead on the snap to keep you sitting on the bottom which is usually going to take about 12 to 20 oz depending on the wind as well as the tides.

Coral bottoms are the favorite habitat of the grouper

Hook your baitfish right up through the bottom lip and out through the top, next to the nostril and sink him. Then, your next order of business is to hang on. Chances are that it won’t even hit the bottom before something has a decent hold of it.

Another tip, is that drifting for grouper is probably going to serve you better than anchoring on one spot and hanging on.

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