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Granddaughter Leigh

Tom Drake, an avid archer and fisherman from Pennsylvania and a sometimes  contributor to Outdoor writes:
We get so busy that we very often forget about the little people in our lives that we should be teaching the outdoor lessons we learned at our own parents and grandparents knee. I’m the same way. There is always something that needs doing, and time is in short supply, but taking time for the children in or lives is something we all need to make a point to do. They learn from us, about family, giving your time, and the outside world.

I got a phone call that my seven year old grand daughter, Leigh, was home without her sister. She was bored and driving her mother crazy. We talked it over and she said she might like to go fishing. I headed to her house and had her get her miniature sized Zebco out of the garage. We grabbed a couple bobbers and hooks and off we went.

She asked where my pole was, as I hadn’t taken the time to get it. I told her I was just her guide today. We stopped and bought a dozen night crawlers and a cold soda pop and chips of course.

We headed for L.E. Ray lake in Grand Island Nebraska. We looked around a little and
found a picnic table almost in the water. We sat right on the bench seat, where she
could lay her pole right on the table.

We could see Blue gills and small Bass swimming by all the time. As soon as we got her baited up and her worm hit the water the bobber went under.

She was fairly unhappy when she missed the first couple of fish but once she got on to
setting the hook she rarely missed. This little girl ended up making some of the pro’s look bad that day when she caught about seventeen Blue Gills and two small Large Mouth Bass.

Now after all that she was not going to be talked into throwing the bigger ones back. She had never eaten fresh fish before, so we took them home and cleaned them and had them for dinner that night. I assumed that kid style, she’d be turning up her nose at them before she would eat them, but she didn’t. She ate every scrap of it, probably because she had caught her own dinner. She was as proud of herself as I’ve ever seen her.
That night, she was the queen of the world…then again she is every day to me.

Take time to explore the outdoors with your kids and your grand kids. They won’t forget it, and neither will you.

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