Hunting Brown Bear in Kamchatka

One of the most exciting adventures you’re ever going to have is hunting brown bear in Kamchatka.
The immense brown bear is among the most dangerous as well as the most elusive quarry you’ve ever hunted, whether you’re hunting with a gun or a camera.

Most of those who come to hunt have taken the brown bear they wanted to get for about the last ten years, with a nearly 100 percent success rate for the license holder.

Brown Bear are absolutely Immense

The bears are emerging from their dens, and hunting for food, when you are in the vicinity hunting for them.
the hunt is one of the most challenging, and perhaps physical things you’re going to do so make sure that you’re in good shape prior to booking your hunt.

You’re going to be traveling a great distance by snowmobile in most cases before you find tracks, and once you do find them the bear tracks are followed until the bear is sighted.
From that point on the hunt is on foot, using either skis or snowshoes to get you to the point where you can bag your quarry.

After the tenth of May, many of the camps will be based on the seacoast at Okhotsk, with the hunt taking place with the aid of a boat, while those that take place in the late autumn are also boat aided.
The bears are going to be quite active at that point and some spot and stalk techniques will be in order.
They are also feeding then, on the salmon and berries, so you’re not necessarily going to have a tame hunt.

Camping on your bear hunt to Kamchatka will primarily take place in a tent or cabin, which will have no modern bathrooms, although they are warm and clean.
Most of the camps you will hire or rent come with a cook as well as an interpreter, so that you should have minimal problem making your needs understood, but the camps are absolutely rustic in every regard. Every camp is served with interpreter and cook.
Booking your hunt in Kamchatka will primarly be working with a private guide and will usually involve the use of ATV’s, snowmobiles or 4×4 trucks, with most of the hunts taking place on private lands, but make no mistake about it.
You will be hiking in some truly wilderness and mountainous terrain, and in some cases you will need to ride horses, as well as take part in some difficult to extreme hiking conditions each day you take part in the hunt, so come prepared for weather and walking.

In most cases you’re going to be able to fish, hunt, camp and take photos of the whole experience, and there will be more than just brown bear in your viewfinder.

Pack for cold and rapidly changeable weather, make sure you have plenty of clothing to layer it, a great pair of hiking or hunting boots and a good set of cold weather gloves and head gear.
Both the terrain, and the animals involved in the hunt can provide some dangerous situations and experiences so do a bit of training prior to going to build up your physical endurance and abilities.

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