Muskie Fishing in Pennsylvania

Many folks, disgruntled by how much effort it takes to hook a musky, call them the “fish of ten thousand casts.”

A lot of folks believe they are also a fish that lives only in remote parts of Minnesota, Canada and perhaps Wisconsin.While they do live there, they are also in many northern lying states, including Pennsylvania and a visit to Pennsylvania to catch a Musky is going to be a fishing trip you won’t soon forget.

It is true that musky can be elusive and harder than heck to catch. There is more than one story going around about the fishing trip that ended after five days with no fish. Its also true that they like northern waters, and that you can, if you play your cards, or in this case, your fish, right, bring home a trophy Musky. In part because of stocking, Muskies are increasing in number and in their range across the United States.

A nice sized Musky, this one is worth a second look

Huge muskies live in the waters around Madison, Milwaukee and the Iowa Great Lakes region, while musky numbers are increasing steadily in Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana. Beginner and expert musky anglers alike catch lots of muskies every year, partly because Musky are more prolific and larger, and partly because equipment is getting better.

As one Musky fisherman tells us..”The trend in rods is toward longer, slightly less stiff rods. With the advent of the super-lines, the rod doesn’t need to be quite as stiff to provide adequate hooksets. I used fifty-pound test FireLine and Whiplash for my musky fishing last year. It cast really well, and the hooksets were rock-solid. An Ambassadeur 6500 is still the most popular musky reel out there because they’re durable and affordable.”

Muskies are like any other fish. You must find them before you can catch them. This era we’re living in right now provides the best opportunity to fish for muskies, and have a good chance to catch one, than ever before. Good lakes are closer, and with the increased length limits, the number of fish that are allowed to grow up are better than ever.

Musky fishing on the big fish on the Allegheny River is an awesome escape, a wonderful trip and if you choose to use Allegheny Guide Service they can teach you some tips and techniques that will make you a better angler as well as help you to bring home the fish of a lifetime.

The Allegheny River, particularly the parts that aren’t far from the Kinzua Dam, will give you some of the largest freshwater fish in North America.

If river fishing is not your thing, Chautauqua Lake is famous for having a great population of trophy muskies and walleyes while the Allegheny Reservoir holds numerous Pennsylvania State Records.

Many marine biologists are convinced that the next state record musky will come from the deep, clear waters of the Allegheny Reservoir.

Northwestern Pennsylvania is a paradise for Musky, Pike and many other trophy sized fish primarily because the Allegheny River (near Warren) rarely freezes due to a bottom discharge flow from the Allegheny Reservoir. This bottom discharge flow is 2-3 degrees above freezing which allows open water musky fishing year around.

This means that you can try to find your Muskie well into wintertime and still be successful. The Allegheny River has an incredible population of muskie as well as trout, (both browns and rainbow) that are going to exceed twenty inches easily, while the musky and pike will hit 30 inches and longer.
For more information on planning your trip to fish Northwestern Pennsylvania visit TheFlyFishingCoach.Com

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