Rainbow Trout in Pennsylvania

Rainbow Trout can be found in many lakes and rivers across the United States but particularly in the northern forested areas, rainbows grow a bit larger and have a fresh wonderful taste.

In those areas its important to pay attention to what kind of trout gear you’re going to use for the trout prior to setting out on the fishing trip.

For Rainbows, you’re going to need a lighter rod, some lightweight, about fifteen pound line and a lighter weight casting reel. One of the lesser expensive models will serve you just as well as a costly one.

The rainbow trout is a distinctive fish

I personally use a Zebco setup, that cost about thirty dollars for the entire setup.

The rainbows and brookies here in Pennsylvania really hit on salmon eggs, live minnows, yellow cheese, dough balls, particularly made out of corn bread, crawdad tails, corn and some few kinds of lures.

The best time for you to go fishing here for Rainbow Trout fishing, is the wee hours of early morning or late after noon closer to five or six.. This is when the trout seem to be more active.

Another trick to rainbow and brookie fishing is to watch the streambeds. When particular insects begin to hatch out, the brook trout are hitting a lot harder and faster. Take note of the kind of insects they like and simulate that with your flies if you do fly fishing.

When cast fishing for the rainbow or brook trout, keep your eye on the bobber.

A bit of practice will have you “feeling” the fish like a seasoned pro.

One little tip, hold the line just above the reel between your thumb and forefinger and twitch the line a bit every minute or so. This makes your bait seem to swim, and gives the trout the idea that its time for a snack. This helps you as well because you will feel the nibbles, and eventually the strikes.

Once they strike hard to swallow the bait, a light but firm jerk upward with your rod will set the hook firmly.

Reel them in and try to bear in mind and remember that feeling that you got when they nibbled and when they struck so that its easier next time.

In no time at all you’re going to be catching more than your limit.

Happy fishing.

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