SteelHead Fishing from Lake Erie.

What do you think of, when Lake Erie springs to mind?
walleye, Bass, Perch and other types of smaller game fish come to mind for most people, yet thats not all there is.
One of the best kept secrets of Lake Erie, is one reason those of us who love real sport fishing keep going back.
The steelhead run fairly consistently there and provide us with some remarkable opportunities to gain a trophy fish several times a year.
Steelhead trout are rainbows, in reality, with some genetics that are a bit different.
Rainbow trout live their whole lives in streams or creeks, while the steelhead migrate from those same streams as smaller juveniles and move to a larger lake or sea environment.
These environments, which are food and nutrient rich, let the steelhead gain a size that is truly remarkable.

Steelhead, with three times the fight of their rainbow trout cousins, make a fishing trip more than worth the time

The Northwestern aspect of the Pacific Coast and the Great Lakes, Erie, Ontario, and Huron particularly are the areas where the Steelheads are most prolific.
Near Erie Pa, and on the Ohio side, when the steelhead spawn, there is nothing that can stop the local fishermen from being there.

Eries Tributaries, Walnut Creek, Lake Creek and Cattaraugus Creek are among the best places to find the prolific steelheads and you can expect a crowd in recent years since it seems like the secret is out.

The cooler rainfall of September begins to trigger the inner clocks of the steelhead, who are stacking up at the head of the river, and when the water temperature lowers, and the rivers rise, these fish enter in droves.

Steelhead are the original fish with an attitude. They can test your skills to their limit, pushing both you and your gear to the nth degree.

The incredible foliage, the brilliant azure skies and the fish running in herds.. Does it get any better than this?

This is world class fishing.
Lately the crowds are fairly common and its going to be hard to find a spot where there isn’t at least one or two more anglers besides yourself but the truth is, that sometimes thats even a bonus.
Theres nothing like sharing that big catch with a few onlookers, who will applaud you when its landed or commiserate when it gets away.

In the fall, I like to start quite early in the day..
One of my favorite spots are either Walnut Creek, or Catteracus creek, which is located in south western new york state about an hours drive from Erie Pennsylvania.

It features some of the highest cliffs in the area of what is called “Steelhead alley, as well as some incredible scenery.

The Rewards for fishing in Steelhead Alley

You’re going to need to dress light, layering the clothing so that the cold morning evolving into a warm fall day doesn’t catch you unawares.. The fish are big, hard fighting and you’re going to heat up when the battles drag out a bit.
Addditionally, come prepared for a walk, as some of the places you’re going to find the Steelhead are a bit off the beaten path.

So pack up your poles and your breathable waders and.. see you in Steelhead Alley.

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