Beginning Archery – Selecting a Bow

Todays bow hunter and archers are quite well blessed. The equipment of 2007 is so infinitely superior to that which was made even as late as ten years ago that its easy to choose a Bow that will complement your skills, or help you to develop them if you are new to the sport.

If you are new to archery, there are two main aspect of choose a new bow, those being, reliability and consistency.

You want a bow that will shoot consistently where you aim it, after one shot or ten. One that isn’t consistent, that shoots differently shot after shot, that doesn’t put the arrow exactly where you aim it, whether your aim is good or bad, isn’t a bow that is worth purchasing.

If you should decide that archery hunting or competition shooting are for you, you want to know that the bow you bought is going to be a tried and true favorite, and be workable for you even if you’re in an area that doesn’t have a pro shot for archery.

The Thunderbold Compound, from PSE is among the best for beginning archers

Equipment failure, or not holding soundly together means that the bargain bow you bought for archery tournament shooting, just isn’t a bargain at all.Most hunters want maching sights, quivers, arrow rests and the like so that they have the entire set matched up. This makes it easier to retrieve the correct arrow when they need to.

When you purchase your bow, whether its used or new, check for loose parts, weathered or worn areas or joints that aren’t tight.

Most bows are adjustable but you want to make sure that it has the right range in draw weight for you, and that the length is acceptable and comfortable.

Choosing or proffering one type or variety of bow over another is really not worthwhile. In most cases its personal choice and will probably be the same in your case.

Find a friend or coworker who shoots archery. Test their bow if they permit it. Check how well it suits you and take it outdoors with them and watch them shoot, or try a shot yourself.

Bear Archery offers some wonderful selections, among them the Odyssey II compound bow setup that won’t break the bank but will give you a solid start in archery and a bow that you can use again and again and will remain consistent and in good shape.

Another fine company is Forge Bows, which are chosen by many professionals.

PSE Archery, due to their long and famous history in compound bow manufacturing is one that shouldn’t be overlooked in your quest for good archery equipment.

They also have some intense facilities to manufacture that other archery manufacturers only dream of, with design engineers and shooters on staff that constantly evaluate, and reevaluate what is being manufactured.
One of the best in the PSE bow line would be the Thunderbolt.

With their complete accessory packages as well as the fine workmanship in the bows, you will have a complete package that is tailor made to complement each other and won’t take you outside your budget.

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