Buying a Gun Safe

Whether you hunt, or shoot skeet or any of the other sports that involve firearms, the two things that you have in common with any other gun owner is owning a firearm, and the responsibility to keep it out of the hands of curious untrained people who might come in contact with it, or the criminal who might use if for a more nefarious purpose.

The preferred method today of securing your firearm and ammunition is a gun safe. Most folks who use firearms do eventually come to this conclusion following a few years of hiding them in closets, under the bed, in the drawer and whereever else they choose to use until they begin to rethink this habit.

A Sargents Gun Safe in Open position

The old favorite gun cabinet typically used for display, simply isn’t secure enough to prevent someone who has no right to, from taking your guns. A gun safe, even when equipped with a glass or viewers panel is far more secure and will prevent theft as well as children from viewing and handling the equipment without your knowledge.

When you are ready to purchase a gun safe no doubt you are going to encounter literally hundreds of brands and many more options, that are available and are touted as the best of the best, as with anything else.

You will find it easy I think to sift through the information if you go past the sales hype and simply know ahead of time what YOU want in your gun safe, and make sure that the item you select has that type option rather than things you don’t want or need..

Choose a safe that has a UL listed combination lock rather than a key lock. Such a lock will be one or the other of the following: manually rotated or electronically operated through use of a keypad. The key lock integrated into some manually operated combination locks prevents the dial from being rotated, an additional factor of safety.

patriot Gun Safe, Closed position

The purpose of the bolts in the locking mechanism is to prevent the door of the safe from being pried open. Even if the door hinges are destroyed or cut off, lock bolts on each side of a recessed door will still maintain the integrity of the safe.

You should consider that at least seven bolts are the minimum number needed to secure a gun safe adequately so that it can’t be pried open. There should be three per door side as well as one at the top of the safe.

Contrary to popular opinion or what the gun safe manufacturer would have you to believe, twice as many bolts does not provide twice the level of protection.

Good safe design will mean that you see a shield which blocks the bolts from view,that will also inhibit a frontal attack with a saw. After the locks and locking mechanism, the other thing to check into is the steel. Steel thickness is probably the single most important aspect of the safe’s construction that a prospective buyer should contemplate.

Sportsman Steel, as well as Patriot offer some superb gun safes for a price that won’t break the budget and will permit you to secure your hardware from both family and outsider alike. To check out the newest closet gun safes take a walk through the pages of Sportsman Steel Safes

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