Climbing Treestands

As a little girl in Pennsylvania, hunting with my dad, it was more than common to see the old fashioned home built tree stand. In point of fact, thats pretty much all you saw where I was from.

A few 2x’4’s attached to the trunk of a tree, a couple of nails to secure it and bingo.. you’ve got a tree stand.. and it works.. if you do it right and do some upkeep over the course of the time you plan to use it.
I’ve used them, and I’m fairly sure nearly everyone has.

Climbing tree stands are very popular

And. if its not built correctly, or its left a couple years to rot in the elements.. you’ve also got a serious accident just waiting for a chance to happen.

When you want mobility as well as safety, then a great solution for both is the climbinb tree stand. The only real drawback is that they serve only one hunter which isn’t great for those of us who want to hunt in pairs or to take a child with us to the forests.

If you are still hunting from a wooden treestand, you might want to change that habit or failing that to at least make sure that you give it a very good going over early each spring prior to trusting it with your weight. nearly every hunter I know has had some kind of accident with a wooden stand.. Ladder rungs pop off, or the stand rots through or the nails pull out.. most of them take place because your stand is past its prime and isn’t up for holding your weight let alone someone elses.
Its time to move with the times and get out there and get a tree stand that you can rely on to hold your weight and to keep you safe.

There are several kinds of tree stands that you can buy so when you’re thinking about replacing yours take the time to check them out and use some research skills befoire you buy.

Bear in mind in a big way, that your actual life depends on your tree stands performance and that is not overstating the case .

The most popular style of tree stand thats been around for literally eons, is the hang on style of stand, and they are popular because they’ve evolved as hunters wanted new things.. They feature comfy seats, foot platforms and are light to carry around as well as being fairly quiet and don’t stick out like a neon sign on the side of a tree.

The Deer Deck by Summit Treestands is a great example of the hang-on style treestand. It weighs only 18 pounds, has a 24″ x 36″ platform and a comfortable padded seat that makes hunting all day easier on the back end.”

Climbing stands are another good example of a hang on stand but they are able to get you up there.. whereas the normal hang on variety won’t.

Heres what the experts say:

“The climbing treestand is probably one of the most popular treestand styles on the market today. In the past, though, hunters have had bad experiences with climbing-style stands, and some hunters have near-death-experience stories where they’ve slid down the trunk of a tree while using a climbing treestand. Thankfully, over the last couple decades, climbing stands have improved dramatically, and they are now safe to use, quiet and provide extreme mobility to the hunter using them.”

With a climbing stand you strap it to your back and take off.. the ladder or pegs isn’t a necessity to get you up there. Lets face it, the more gear you can leave home, the better your trip is going to go.

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