Feeding Wild Turkeys

Although some folks are against feeding any wildlife, the fact is when you have ice on top of snow a turkey can sometimes not break through to get to any thing to eat.

Supplemental feeding can be the only thing thing that keeps them going through these tough times. It is fairly cheap to do and can be a lot of fun. You will get to see a lot of different wild life.

I even found shed deer antlers around my turkey feeders, so you know they are also coming in to help the turkeys with their supplied dinner.

If you can find an empty wire spool and some square holed fence you can make a nice feeder that will hold corn still on the cobb. I find this works the best as you want the food off of the ground, so as it doesn’t freeze over and defeat the purpose.

Any thing you want to use to hold it off the ground should work just fine. I have even seen some that were hung from trees with rope or wire. Just make sure to make a hole in the top with a door that you can wire shut to keep raccoons and other things from stealing all the food. As far as when to go check on the feeder and refill it I always tried to go at a time when I thought the turkeys might not be around so I didn’t have to spook them away.I’m sure it wouldn’t matter if you did or not. This is also a great way to get some super wildlife photos. You can build a blind and even photograph wild life around feeders.

I usually tried to pick a spot I knew they fed in before, that was also close to a creek or stream. You want to make this an easy spot for you as well. Bear in mind that the further you you walk the heavier the corn seems to get. Also being dressed so much more heavily for the weather will also wear on you. A good way to do it is to always try to have some one with you to help out.

Feeding wildlife in the winter time isn’t something that everyone agrees with. I tend to think that they are going to feed me in the fall so I might as well return the favor until then.

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