Scouting and Fall Safety Checks.

As autumn rolls around, every single one of us who has an inclination toward hunting the elusive big buck gets the urge to be out scouting for trails and rubs and that secret spot to set up for our own hunt, or checking out our very own personal spot that we’ve used for countless years..

Merely knowing where to go isn’t quite enough in the case of the pre-hunt scouting.  Chances are that where we hunt doesn’t change a lot from year to year, we may stray a few hundred yards, more or less, but usually we’re fairly close to where we’ve always been, but still we have to get out there not once, but three or four times an check it all out.

Now we probably know exactly where that great spot is, and that no one else is using it, and that the tree has grown and gotten stronger, and that we’re going to be perfectly secure there, since we’ve seen it twenty times over the summer while simply “taking a walk” but its almost a religious rite to get out there anyway and get to work on making sure its perfect for the first day.

Checking the tree limbs, if we use a tree stand, and setting up a ground blind if we don’t, are not just part of making sure the site and our access are safe and unrestricted, they are part of the ritual…they make us part of a kind of brotherhood of nearly socially unacceptable monsters called “the hunters.”

Well as long as you’re out here anyway, take a few minutes and actually inspect everything one last time, about a month before the advent of the season.

Look it over very carefully to make sure all the welds are secure, and it if all looks good, climb in and put on the harness.
Make sure that its secured correctly to the tree, and that none of your straps or chains are worn.

Look down the shooting line and make sure that its clear of debris, fallen trees, branches haven’t grown into it that might affect your shot. Clear out anything that’s grown into the area that might affect your having a clear shot or a clear view.

Checking your hunting stand at this time of the year is going to give you two advantages.
You will know for certain that its all safe nd secure, and your scent will be long gone prior to the first day of deer season.

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