The Right Gun for Turkey

The changes in weaponry that are available to you for hunting turkeys have pretty much followed along behind those of the calls for turkey hunters.
As more hunters take up the sport, more gun manufacturers have continued to make improvements that will make their shotguns ideal for exactly what you want in the woods, hunting your gobbler.

Making sure your gun is just right for you doesn’t take a genius, just a few considerations before you buy it.
1. Make sure the gun fits the owner, and the only way to do that is to pull it up to your shoulder and see how it sits and how it fits. Is the weight a comfortable one for you and does it swing up into place without vast and extensive effort? Hopefully the answer is yes. If it isn’t, then its a big no go for that one.

2. Bear in mind that bigger doesn’t mean better. Some of the more high powered turkey loads and chokes have made the 20 gauge more popular than ever for spring gobblers, yet if you assure the right length, the right weight and the right recoil for the person holding it, then sometimes its not necessary to step up to a new load size or a new gauge gun.

3. Shoot your gun with some different load sizes and then if necessary, use different choke restrictions to get what you want in pattern.

4. What about a camo gun. Turkeys are notorious for their eyesight. Maybe that new camo gun is just what you want or need to give you a little advantage in the sport.

5.Probably the very best thing you can do for yourself with regard to having the right gun, is to know its limitations, and to know your own. The truth is that you’ve probably already got the gun you need, it just needs some work and experimenting with the right loads, chokes and shot, but if thats not the case, then.. happy shopping.

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