North Carolina, Mountains to the Sea Bike Route

Location: Route 2, North Carolina.
State: North Carolina
Trail Surface: Blacktop
Length: 5-600K
Diufficulty: Moderate

Yate Mill, an old grist mill in Raleigh offers a  placid scene on the water

Trail Information:

The mountains-to-the-sea North Carolina Bicycle Route 2 travels through the city of Raleigh, as does the Maine-to-Florida U. S. Bicycle Route 1. North Carolina Bicycle Route 5, the Cape Fear run, connects nearby suburban Apex to the coastal city of Wilmington, North Carolina, and closely parallels the route of the Randonneurs USA (RUSA) 600km brevet route.

The bike route offers views of a great deal of the city and the city of Raleigh has committed to the bike route by adding bicycle accomodations to much of the city by way of bike racks and bike parking areas.

Most public buses are equipped with bicycle racks, and some roads have dedicated bicycle-only lanes. Bicyclists also may use Raleigh’s extensive greenway system, with trails throughout the city.


Route two into Raleigh and throughout the city is a designated bike trail

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