Elk Viewing in Autumn

If you like the screaming bugle of bull elk and watching these amazing animals now
is prime time. That is going to hold truemost any where they exist in the U.S.

Of course you need to consider that hunting season may be open and take precautions. I know a lot of areas exist where there are no open hunting seasons. Where I used to go near Bennezette Pa. the elk were plentiful and you could bugle them in and get plenty of picture and video opportunities. We don’t normally hunt the elk, given that it’s a lottery but that doesn’t stop us from creeping in as closely as we can and getting great video of these most amazing animals.

On a few occasions we probably had elk in way to close but it really
got your heart rate up and made for good stories later on. You do need to respect
an elk of any size because they are powerful and truly weigh a ton.

I’ve stood nearby quietly and watched them completely destroy a10 foot tall pine tree just raking their antlers up them one time.

The truth is that no matter how you slice it they are incredible. It’s breath taking to move in closely and watch them interact. You are up for some excitement and exercise. The exercise does enter into play when you go to view them or videotape them.

It’s going to take a little effort. These guys are a little hinky at this time of year. You’re going to be walking a reasonable distance and you’re going to need to be well camouflaged. Grab some camouflage and a cow call or bugle call you can use and head on out.

My favorite areas were near meadows or strip mines where elk like to feed. We would walk around and look and listen for elk and then move in and set up little ways away from them and try to call them in. We seemed to have very good luck this way. Choose some relatively deep cover and get a decent camera that will let you set up for brush and other things that are definitely going to get in the way.

We’ve come up with some great photos. My wife took this one. We were enveloped in dense fog, so thick that we didn’t see this guy below til he was right on top of us.
The rest of us were scrambling to get out of the way, and she was clicking away. This photo wasn’t touched up in any way. The huge shape of the elk coming near us is exactly what we saw and she was the only one with the presence of mind to shoot her camera.

Kind of makes you wonder why we sometimes call them the weaker sex doesn’t it..

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