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In early 1913 with vast enormous areas of Africa still lying unknown to the eyes of men, Stewart Edward White, who was an American hunter, left from Nairobi, and traveling south, laid eyes on the Serengeti.
As he described it in his personal records “We walked for miles over burnt out country… Then I saw the green trees of the river, walked two miles more and found myself in paradise.”

The outline of Kilamanjaro at dusk

What he had found, was of course, the Serengeti which has since come to be symbolic of not only paradise, but the struggles of life and death, and adventure.

The regions of the Serengeti include the National Park, as well as the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Maswa Game Reserve, the Loliondo, Grumeti and Ikorongo Controlled Areas and the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

Every year it is a mecca for over fifty thousand visitors who come to reconnect with nature and rediscover its magnificence.

A giraffe forages for a meal

There are now two world heritage sites as well as Biosphere reserves here, and the awe inspiring ecosystem has inspired film makers, writers such as Hemingway and photographers as well as men of science to come to the Serengeti.

One of the most vastly old ecological systems on earth, the climate, the vegetation and the fauna, it is said, have changed only minute amounts in the past million odd years, and the patterns of migration, and of life and death are as old as the hills on which they take place.

One of the most spectacular sights in the world, the Serengeti encompasses nearly 15000 kilometers, or 9000 miles of land, that includes plains,kopjes, crystal clear lakes and short grass prairie type atmospheres.

Hippos sun themselves

Serengeti is a name that comes from the word ‘Siringit’ in the Masai Language, which literally translates to ‘the place where the land runs on forever’ or “endless Plains” and so the Serengeti seems to be.
It is a place where life and death battle on a minute by minute basis, stirring the senses and the soul with the struggles, and the little triumphs.

Each year, on the Serengeti,over a million wildebeests will traverse these plains in seemingly endless waves, seeking out better grasslands to feed from, while behind them migrate the hungry predators, including lions, hyenas, and cheetah,leopards and jackals also watch their every move with great interest.

Home also to elephants, Rhinos and buffalo, which graze on the lands here, the Serengeti teems with life. The grasslands, the hillocks and savannahs are all packed with game of every variety you can imagine.

The wildebeests migration is the single thing for which the Serengeti is the most well known, however a lesser known fact is that each year, also about a quarter of a million zebras will also flow like a river into the southern plains to take advantage of the short rainy season which takes place in October and November.

Their instincts to move, to migrate are so well ingrained, so primordial that nothing seems able to prevent it.. Not death, drought, nor even rivers which hold certain death at the hands of the crocodiles that infest them.

The Wildebeest, the zebra and those predators which follow will travel through a range of habitat, through several reserves, through many differeing types of vegetation and landscape to arrive, if they arrive, at their final destination.

May to October sees the area alive in ways that will take your breath away, and make you believe you’ve stepped back in time thousands of years as you want the beauty and the struggles take place around you..

The Cheetah's afternoon siesta

Laurens van der Post, on a trip to the interior in the early 1960’s wrote
.. The only living things which look as if they really belonged to it are the Wild Animals. Between the animals and Africa there is an understanding that the human beings have not yet earned ..”

Among the animals you will view as you traverse the Serengeti plains are gazelles and hyena, lion, leopard, cheetah and wildebeest, zebra, impala, warthogs, topi.

Elephants traverse the Serengeti at all times of the year

The Kopjes, which is what the granite inselbergs you will see scattering the landscape, are home to more, predators and prey will both take refuge here.

You will find that independent travel, perhaps arranged with a private or custom itinerary is the best means to see the Serengeti and it is surprisingly affordable, even for those who have special interests or who want more privacy or additional luxuries for their travels. Your travels can include mountain climbing, hiking, vast open spaces, clear lakes and amazing scenery such as you will find no where else on earth. You can enjoy it in as rustic a method as you like, with tent camping or a walking safari, or add a touch of luxury to your travels here, depending on what you select when you book your tour.

The lions take time out to play

The Serengeti is about more than the animals, or the scenery, and Whether you climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro, sit silently and do nothing more than photograph the lions at play or at hunting, or view the Chimps in the Mahale Mountains the Serengeti is going to touch you in ways you can’t imagine before your trip is over, making you want to return again and again.

To plan your visit to the Serengeti, pay a visit to Tripology.com and see if you can’t find the accommodations and plans that are perfect for you.

The Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and the Maasai Mara Game Reserve which lies just across the border in Kenya, are in place to shield and to protect the greatest and most varied collection of terrestrial wildlife on earth, and one of the last great migratory systems that still survives today. Come see it for yourself.
There is no place on earth like the Serengeti.

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