Prime Time for Elk

If you like the screaming bugle of bull elk and watching these amazing animals now
is prime time most any where they exist in the U.S.

Of course you need to consider that hunting season may be open and take precautions.
I know a lot of areas exist where there are no open hunting seasons.

Where I used to go near Bennezette Pa. the elk were plentiful and you could bugle them in and get plenty of picture and video

opportunities.On a few occasions we probably had elk in waaay to close, but it really
got your heart rate up and made for good stories later on. Bear in mind that you need to respect
an elk of any size because they are powerful and more than large. In our own excursions we’ve seen them walk over and
destroy a 10 foot tall pine tree just raking their antlers up them one time.

But if you are up for some excitement and exercise grab some camouflage and a cow call or
bugle call you can use and head on out.

My favorite areas were near meadows or strip mines where elk like to feed.
We would walk around and look and listen for elk and then move in and set up little way away from them and
try to call them in. We’ve always seemed to have very good luck this way.

The hike in the autumn air is good for you and the elk are wonderful to view, whatever your distance. Remember to camo up and to take a good spotting scope with you.

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