Rafting the Cheat River West Virginia

In my home state of West Virginia, the first experience I ever had, with either rafting, swimming or paddling anything was on the Cheat River.
It was at the time, unparalleled for excitement and today as I go back again and again, the sheer magnificence of it never seems to fade.

The Cheat River Canyon is whitewater at its best, and West Virginia at its best.
It is the largest undammed watershed located in the Eastern United States, and in the springtime, is the ultimate challenge in whitewater.

The Cheat River falls

Not far from Albright, in northern West Virginia, the Cheat River is, as is all of West Virginia, white, wild and wonderful.
One of the last freeflowing whitewater rivers, it cuts its way through a canyon that can be termed nothing less than spectacular, controlled by virtually nothing other than mother nature.
When spring rains and snow runoff show themselves, the waters of the Cheat rise to make nearly continuous whitewater, offering you myriad miles of class IV and class V rapids that you will find more than challenging no matter what your skill level or experience.

The Cheat is nothing less than the ultimate adventure, dropping 300 feet in less than ten miles and putting you, your group and your skills to the test as you travel through places with such names as the “big nasty, High Falls and coliseum rapids, which are in fact the classics in whitewater rafting.

Rafting the Cheat River Narrows

The Cheat River is one of the last of the free flowing whitewater rivers and is not for the faint of heart, or the unskilled rafter.
Guides are available to take you through the rapids and should always be made use of.

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