Rafting Utah’s Green River

As the words of an immortal country song state:
Oh we died a thousand times in that forty miles of hell
on the longest day of life we’ve ever seen, ‘
but we lived to tell the story and we know the story well
the day we ran the rapids of the Green…

While not quite as bad as the song makes it out, the Green River, one of the more popular choices for die hard white water rafters is a challenge at its slowest and a serious workout during July and August when the rapids are running the fastest.

Some of the impressive rapids of the Green River

The Green river flows from Flaming Gorge which is close to the city of Vernal, Utah, downward to the Dinosaur National Monument, its path taking it through some of the most rugged and remote areas in Utah before ending up converging with the Colorado river in Canyonlands Park in Utah.
Several portions of the Green that are rafted, Kayaked, or canoed are including but not limited to the Green River Daily, Labryinth Canyon, Stillwater Canyon, Desolation Canyon, Lodore ( a very challenging section) Split Mountain.
White water rafting on the Green offers more than just rapids and an exhilerating trip.

Whitewater Rafting the Lodore on the Green River

It passes through some of the most unique geological structure in the world, as well as frontier and outlaw territory and landscape, Native American ruins and petroglyphs, so that you get far more than rafting and rapids, but you are traveling, literally, through history.

For those who are new to rafting or inexperienced the Green River Daily is the place for you to be. It’s a nine mile stretch of the river that takes about half a day to raft, though the bottom aspect of Gray Canyon. This can be done easily by those who are less experienced, and you might even try it alone, however if you choose not to, there are many guides who will take you down the river. There are only about seven rapids here, which are mild in nature, although one or two might be Class 3.

An unscheduled break in rafting, Stuck on a rock

Labyrinth & Stillwater
The waters in this area are calm enough to be a real draw to canoes, though it does feature a few rapids among them.
The trip won’t be accomplished in a day, since it is about a hundred mile logn stretch of river that winds through red rock canyons until it reaches the Colorado.
There are some guides who will take you out in groups in a power boat, which will let you see the scenery without taking several days to do it.
In this area of the Gree, the Crystal Geyser is also found and can be see erupting if you time your trip right.


A trip over Lodore Canyon is the most breathtaking, including waterfalls, meadoes, Indian Petroglyphs, and Dinosaur national monument.

Rafting The Big Drop on the Green River

Having 44 miles in the trip, it includes the three best rapids on the entire river, and in addition you will see myriad wildlife as well as having the trip of your life.
Towering rock formations, big horn sheep, mule deer, and river otters are going to be part and parcel of this portion of the Green River which includes trips over Disaster Falls, Triplet Falls, and Hell’s Half Mile. The Parks service states,. “Some class 4 rapids may be found; most are in the range of class 2 to class 3. Lodore is run from April to October; the rapids are the most powerful in July and August.”Enjoy your Trip!!

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