California, Mount Diablo

State: California
Location: Mount Diablo
Length, Round Trip: 79.7 miles
Ride Type: Loop
Best Season: Year-Round
Traffic: Moderate

Trail Information

The Mount Diablo Summit and Vasco Road Loop ride is takes you on a extensive tour of the East Bay. The ride starts you off with a climb to the summit of Mt. Diablo through Walnut Creek and Clayton and out Marsh Creek Road. You will see plenty of windmills on Vasco Road and where there are windmills there are either headwinds or tailwinds. So be prepared for strong headwinds on Vasco Road, before you pass through Livermore and finally back to Blackhawk. You should bring large water bottles or a hydration system if you’re riding in the summer heat. This is a good ride to do with a few friends so you can share the work slogging into those headwinds on Vasco.

Start at Blackhawk Plaza. Blackhawk Plaza is located at the intersection of Camino Tassajara, Crow Canyon and Blackhawk Roads

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