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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name Australia?

For me its a sort of magic. Kangaroos, flamingos, seals, wildlife and sunsets.

The ancient mysteries, the aborgines, the stones and petroglyphs that lie, still waiting to be discovered.
The rugged outback, sheep farming, miles and miles of land.

A mob of kangaroo on an island in Gippsland Lakes

In fact all of these things are true of Australia, but particularly of Gippsland, one of the most geograpically and economically diverse areas in Australia, and also one of the most intriguing to visit for outdoor experiences.Welcome to the Gippsland Region.
Gippsland is one of the few unique and diverse regions in Australia. It is comprised of snow fields, wilderness, rainforests, beaches, industrialised areas, farm land and much much more.
The number one highway in Australia runs directly through the center of Gippsland, which is part of Victoria, so that accessing it couldn’t possibly be easier.

World Famous Ninety Mile Beach

Beginning at Gippsland, you can take a day trip to one of literally dozens of different climates and environments and find nearly any kind of outdoor activity that you might dream of.
Gippsland is adventure and a privilege to visit.
From Gippsland you can reach a field of snow, a pristine beach, to fish from or dive in, pasture lands that range either sheep or cows, as well as some of the aboriginal histories areas.
With so much to do in this area, you’ll wonder where to begin and how its remained such a well kept secret from so many people.

Lakes Entrance, one of the premier fishing areas on the continent

One of the primary places to visit in Gippsland for ideas and information about the Lakes region, as well as the Wilderness regions will be the Lakes Entrance visitors infromation center, located at Gippsland Lakes.

One of the largest and most incredible expanses of waterways that are inland in the entire southern hemisphere, Gippsland Lakes is located across a stretch of sand dunes from the world famous Ninety Mile Beach where you can enjoy scuba diving, swimming or fishing.
If freshwater fishing is more your style the country’s biggest fishing port,here in Gippsland, located at Lakes Entrance, is known as the fishing capital of Australia according to every serious angler who’s ever fished there.

Seal Bay Australia

Also, unknown to many, Gippsland also features some amazing Alpine woodlands and parks, including The Snowy River National Park, Alpine National Park (the largest in Victoria), the Snowy River National Park and the Croajingalong National Park that covers over 100 miles of coastline and is listed by UNESCO.

The wildlife is incredible. Ever seen a mob of kangaroo on an island? In Gippsland Victoria you will. You can also photograph the seals as they return for the breeding season. Take a hike to see Pyramid Rock, and amazing rock formation located in Victoria on Phillips Island.

You can visit a rain forest, breath the clear mountain air of “way up there” wander through an alpine forest or shark fish off the coast.
While you are in Gippsland, enjoying the outside world, a few things of interest that you won’t want to miss are:

Pyramid Rock, Victoria Australia

*Bass Coast
“Enjoy the view from Point Grant and watch the waves crashing against the Nobbies, as the blow hole thunders in the cliffs below. Catch a ferry from Western Port Bay and take a closer look at Seal Rocks, the breeding ground for Australia’s largest colony of fur seals.”

*Central Gippsland
“the gateway to the Gippsland Lakes and wetlands system and within easy reach to the wonderful 90 mile beach, with it’s endless unbroken sands as far as the eye can see.
The area is ideal for bird watching, throughout the wetlands region, or fishing, with good catches in the Lakes System, or on many of the rivers and streams that feed the system.”
The river Avon, with it’s broad gravelled bed, (regarded highly by rock hounds for its gem stones) is a great place to fossick and explore.”
*High Country
” Large areas of the High Country are taken up by Gippsland’s magnificent and unique National Parks and State forest reserves and parks. The activities and adventures in the mountains, whether man made or natural are never ending. Why not camp beside a cool peaceful stream and only come in contact with nature, or try some trout fishing, or bushwalking or just fossick around.”

*Walhalla / Mountain River

*Bairnsdale and District

*Buchan and District

*Mallacoota Inlet

*Wilsons Promontory
“Wilson’s Promontory, mainland Australia’s southern most National Park, is an isolated area of granite headlands, with unique vegetation and geology. The park is affectionately known as “The Prom”, and is famous for its abundance of native animals, birds, reptiles and plants, magnificent beaches and thick coastal forest.

Don’t miss this outstanding park. A one day trip from Melbourne is all it takes, to enjoy the delightful walks, with ample scenery overlooking the sea. The park has many well marked trails that lead to isolated beaches, clear water and magnificent camping spots.
*Orbost – Snowy River

“Quotes are from Gippsland Tourism To Learn more about Gippsland, pay them a visit.

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