Oregon, Sauvie Island , Reeder Road Out and Back

State: Oregon
Location: Portland
Length, Round Trip: 24 miles
Best Season: Year-Round
Difficulty: 2A
Traffic: Light
Hills: Flat

Trail Information

How many cities of over a million people can boast a place like Sauvie Island within 10 miles of the downtown If you have a tolerance for trucks and industrial scenery, you can ride there in half an hour, otherwise it is a short drive to Sauvie Island. Riding counter-clockwise keeps you closer to the water. Riding counter-clockwise keeps you closer to the water. This longer loop is 24 miles. It goes around Gillihan Road, where you can see the funnels of anchored ships and Reeder Road parallels a popular swimming spot. Reeder’s condition degrades noticeably at the Multnomah/Columbia County line. The road turns to gravel, which marks the start of the nude beach. Two other dead-end roads branch off the loop and also make for good riding. There are few cars on Sauvie Island Road, which follows the channel past a pumping station to end in a boat launch and hunting area. On the ride back, just before the junction with the loop, is the HQ of the Department of Fish & Wildlife. Behind the building is a pen for injured, migrating birds, such as Canadian geese and sandhill cranes. Oak Island Road ends in a wild area.


From Portland:
Go west on Highway 30, over the bridge and park in the gravel lot.

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