Range Finders

What in the world do you need that thing for.. Big expense and no return I’ve heard it said numerous times when anyone mentions the idea that a range finder might not be a bad investment. I like them and I recommend that everyone who is serious about target shooting has one.

While I have ideas about what brand I like best, that is purely opinion, since I’m not a range finder manufacturer, I don’t test them and I don’t sell them..

Team Real Tree Laser Range Finder

Although they can be costly, they are in fact something that nearly every hunter, archer or even photographer can use in among their gear and here’s why.

First off, they are now state of the art. At no time have they ever been better able to do the job completely accurately and at no time have they ever been better priced and more affordable than they are at this particular time.

There are literally hundreds of the on the market, they are useful for not only archery, in setting up the target, sighing in a gun or a new scope, setting the distance to your target, but they are useful for photographers, golfers, and hundreds of other things, up to and including building.. I used mine to estimate the cost of the fencing I was putting up.

Let me just say that using a range finder, is a decidedly humbling experience. Particularly for me. Being a perfectionist and also a female.. I already have a couple disadvantages..
Being a female who can usually look at a distance and say.. Thats just about fifty yards.. makes it worse.

I thought as distance estimaters go I was fairly good, but much to my chagrin, I found out that they were something short of perfect and in reality.. fairly close to just sad.

The property line I wanted to partially fence just didn’t look at that far away and so, being the technogeek of tomorrow, I decided that it would take me about twenty yard long fence panels to enclose that side for privacy.
I just KNEW it, as if it had come to me magically but a flip of the switch and I found that the distance that I had to encase, rather than being twenty five yards, was more like 35 yards and the target we used for bows was closer to sixty yards than it was the fifty we had paced it off to be.
Again, so much for my genius internal range finding skills.
Now while a few yards isn’t going to make a huge difference in the cost of fencing, or the driving of a golf ball, when sighting your gun in, its going to make things seriously out of whack.

Time after time, things I thought I had ranged correctly, both inside and outside were completely out of whack..
Making the range finder a real necessity. I bet you get the idea.

Knowing the right range, the close to correct length is fairly important for the air gun users, for the bow hunter, for anyone that shoots muzzle loader and myriad other things.

Taking into account that I was, and am fairly good at judging, and was off so far in nearly every thing I had “guestimated.. my advice to every sportsman and woman, to every single hunter and to anyone who wants to know.. “how far way is that thing” is..
Get a range finder.

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