Benefits of Trekking Poles

Most people dont think that trekking poles are a necessity. And they arent but that doesnt mean that they dont help. When hiking, you cross terrain of varying degrees and obstacles. There is constant stress and strain on your muscles and joints as you travel over rocks, sand and step up and over varied terrain. Your knees and lower back muscles are constantly being asked to perform under pressure. All of this can lead to soreness and pain.

A pair of trekking poles can help to reduce the stress that hiking puts on your body. Trekking poles help by spreading your weight and shock over four limbs. Trekking poles have a range of benefits including: improving your balance, extending your endurance, and lessening the strain on your knees and joints. Trekking poles can make it easier for you to cross streams and ascend over steeper terrain. Trekking poles can decrease pain in the legs and knees especially while going uphill or downhill.

There are many different types of trekking poles to choose from. There are trekking poles that are made of wood, aluminum and carbon fiber. Like ski poles, trekking poles come in different sizes so you can find one that fits you but there are also adjustable and collapsible poles. Many poles have various accessories including: different hand grips, shock absorbers, and camera mounts. If you are going snowshoeing, you can add a basket so the pole doesnt sinking into the snow. Adjustable poles are great for ascending and descending steep hills. You can shorten the poles when you are climbing uphill. But when coming down the hill, a longer pole may be more comfortable.

The tip of a trekking pole is usually made of carbide. However, there are models with rubber tips available and some models allow you to changes the tip. Each tip has pros and cons which should be considered when purchasing a pole. Talk to one the experts at an outdoor outfitter if you need advice.

If you want the benefits of greater stability and less stress on your body, you should consider the small investment in a trekking pole.

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